vmware on Fedora Core

Getting VMware-player-1.x work on Fedora Core 5 'Bordeaux':
1. Get the rpm of the free VMWare Player
2. Download the linux image e.g VMware-player-1.0.1-19317.i386.rpm
3. Install it with rpm -ivh VMware-player-1.0.1-19317.i386.rpm
4. Then its time to download the patch: wget -c
5. Extract the archive: tar xvf vmware-any-any-updateXX.tar.gz
6. cd vmware-any-any-updateXX
7. Complete the installation by: su -c "./"

XX - refers to numbers


Behind the Scenes of Aishwarya Rai in GNU/Linux Desktop Video

It was my long time dream to shoot a video using a camcorder. but i didnt own a camcorder. Recently i had a chance of shooting a video using one of my uncles camcorder. It is JVC - Tape Based Camcorder. I am very much new for video shooting and its related stuff.

It was David Rehman video which inspired me to shoot some thing like what he has shown about Novell on XGL. I too did the same kind of video but using Fedora Core 5 Linux which uses AIGLX which is equivalent project to XGL.

First i placed the camera in front of my laptop and started shooting it. i showed all sorts of effects using the keyboard. Once after shooting, i am worried about porting the video to internet. i didnt see any good GUI based software similar to Windows Movie Maker. There is a command line tool called dvgrab. i tried it first but it says "No Camera Exists."

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